The Story Begins…

The campaign opens with our adventurers assigned a daunting night raid on a hilltop fortress. The party is a squad of soldiers fighting in the great Rift Wars between the dragonborn and tiefling kingdoms in the ancient annals of history.

Ten thousand years before the current day, Khorvaire is a very different place. The Dragonborn city-states dot the landscape and monsters still rule the world. Humans have yet to rise to dominion over Khorvaire. The rule of the Dragon Lords is threatened by a rift that has opened and allowed the many denizens of other planes to enter the world of Khorvaire. The dominance of the Dragon Lords is threatened mainly by the teifling King Markheiz and his expanding hold on the lands surrounding the rift.

The Dragonborn city-states of Mahjadun and Khasmerit have formed an alliance and seek to push the tiefling kingdom of Al-Markheiz back through the Rift in which they reached Khorvaire. In the first action of the great Rift Wars, we see a small band of dragonborn prepare for a daring night time raid of a small hilltop fortress held by the teiflings in the north of Khorvaire.

Shadows Over Khorvaire

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