The City-State of Mahjadun

Mahjadun is a thriving town named for its dragon ruler. The dragon Mahjadun insists that her dragonborn followers maintain a disciplined and well-trained army at all times. Despite being able to field a sizable army of heavy infantry dragonborn and a smaller regiment of archers, the reach of Mahjadun is limited due to the absence of any sort of cavalry. In any case, Mahjadun’s goal has never been to expand her dominion. She simply wants to protect what is hers. Her warriors have clashed with the mages of Khasmerit over what she perceives as the theft of resources on her land.


The city-state has fought frequent battles against the neighboring dragonborn sorcerers of Khasmerit, including one major invasion over the destruction of one of Mahjadun’s silver mines, but when the armies of Al-Markheiz began encroaching into their region, the two cities quickly concluded an alliance and began working together against the tieflings. They are hopelessly outnumbered, and desperately need allies in their fight against these devilish legions.

Arovan comes from the city-state of Mahjadun.

Mahjadun is a mature female bronze dragon.

Military Organization

The army numbers about 500 warriors with a fifth of them archers although Mahjadun can field about twice that number from the town of roughly 1500 in a pinch. The day-to-day running of the town is left to a council of elders called simply the Wise while the army is led by a general, called the Jaws of the Dragon. Beneath the general are four units of 95 warriors and 30 archers each called a Talon, let by a commander called a Claw of the Dragon. Each Talon is further divided into five squads (19 warriors and 6 archers), each called a Flight. Each flight is led by a warrior called a Spur of the Dragon. Sometimes a Spur will appoint one or two sergeants below him which are called Fangs. Arovan is a Spur of the Dragon, commanding a unit of 25 Dragonborn soldiers.

The Jaws of the Dragon= General of Mahjadun’s Army
The Claws of the Dragon (4)= Commander of a Talon (125 warriors)
The Spurs of the Dragon (20)= Leader of a Flight (25 warriors)
The Fangs of the Dragon (20-40)= sergeants who assist the Spurs

In addition to regular army, Mahjadun has been known to employ elven, human, dwarven, and even halfling mercenaries with special skills, from time to time. Of late, Mahjadun has been experimenting with dragonborn mages from Khasmerit in its ranks as well.


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